1.5-hours - Private
Management of Severe Allergic Reactions

For Parents, grandparents, school teachers, lunch mothers, nannies & babysitters
For people with potentially life-threatening allergies, their families, caregivers and others
Topics Help you understand the basics of anaphylaxis, ways to reduce risks at home and other places, and the recommended emergency treatment.
Duration 1.5 Hours
Cost @ our training centre $25 (taxes included)
Minimum 8 participants
Cost @ your location $30 (taxes included) @ your location.
Minimum 8 participants.
Special Offer • Pay for 8 - the 9th is free
• Pay for 10 - the 11th and 12th are free
Includes Course plan, 2-year certificate
Location You choose your preferred location (home, work, school or institution) or we organize one for you.
Requirement A minimum number of 8 participants is required for a private course.
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