Guidelines and Certificates by
The Heart & Stroke Foundation
During COVID the structure and cost of the courses have temporarily CHANGED

The H&S Foundation discouraged in-person training and modified its BLS course by splitting it into 2 parts:

Part 1 Cognitive online course
Part 2: hands-on training (upon completion of part 2, you will receive your 2-year certification)
Choose a course Duration Cost
(tx incl)
Certification Location Requirements
BLS Interim Part 1
Theory session on ZOOM
Email us for upcoming dates:

3.5h $45 Iterim proof of completion on ZOOM BLS Manual
BLS Interim Part 2 (Practice)
Hands-On experience
To Register:

1.5h $50 2 year certification To be discussed Completion of BLS Part 1

All CPR courses include:

  • Choking Maneuvre for all
  • Infant, Child & Adult CPR (1 or 2 responders)
  • Take the pulse & Artificial Respiration
  • AED, pocket mask & Bag Valve Mask
  • Certification from the Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • This course could be eligible for Accreditation
    or Continuing Education Credits

Our PRIVATE courses include:


  • Your choice of date & time
  • More fun with friends, family and colleagues
  • At your place or our facilities
  • We can tailor courses to your specific needs

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Gallery of Pictures

We will gladly provide references upon request.

Modern equipment and real life mannequins

Group of mothers practicing Baby CPR

Daycare course - learning on baby mannequins

Practicing Choking Maneuvre