8 hours - Private
Daycare CPR and First Aid

For CPE, daycares, summer camps & schools. Parents, grandparents, school teachers, lunch mothers, nannies & babysitters.
Topics • Choking Maneuvre for all
• Infant, Child & Adult CPR
• Hands on practice with mannequins
• Make your place a safer environment
• Recognize, treat & prevent injuries
• Respond in case of severe allergic reactions
Duration 8 Hours
Cost $60 (taxes included).  Minimum 8 participants
Special Offer • Pay for 8 - the 9th is free
• Pay for 10 - the 11th and 12th are free
Includes Course plan, 3-year certificate
Location You choose your preferred location (home, work, school or institution) or we organize one for you.
Accreditation This course is adapted and conforms to the requirements by le Ministère de la Famille.
Requirement A minimum number of 8 participants is required for a private course.
Questions? 514-369-0337