The Retractable Indoor/Outdoor Gate to bring indoor security to both inside and outside of your home. The Clip On/Clip Off system makes the gate easy to remove and reposition into a second set of fittings in a different location. Fully operational with just one hand, ideal for times when you’ve got your hands full but need to move about your home. Once open, the gate retracts completely out of the way for quick and easy pass through. No bottom bases or bars to get in your way, minimizing tripping hazards. This gate is also suitable for top stairs, given that it is installed at least 6.5" from the nose of the step.

It’s perfect for fitting door-frames, hallways, and other spaces. 

Note: the gate itself must be brought inside if it’s raining, hailing, snowing or generally wet. Details

  • Expandable design fits openings up to 140 cm (55") wide
  • When mounted on the outside of door-frames fits openings up to 129 cm (51") wide
  • 85.1 cm (32") tall
  • Designed with high quality, UV protected mesh the gate holds its color in the bright sun.
  • Includes two sets of fittings allowing you to move your gate from one location to another.
  • The gate is operable with one hand. First push the button down and turn and release it, you do not need to hold it in that position. Then you can use that same hand to reach over and hold the handle to retract the gate.
  • Retractable gate features a flexible, safe mesh barrier that moves easily out of the way when not in use
  • Always pulls open to the same length for an exact fit and secure lock
  • Spacers (sold separately) required to accommodate baseboards/skirting boards.
  • It is important to bring this gate inside during poor weather. The installation hardware can be left installed of course! Just bring the retracted gate inside.
  • The retractable gate makes a sound when being operated, as a safety feature to alert parents and other grown-ups that the gate is being used. To avoid the safety-feature sound, when opening or closing the gate, keep the latch button firmly pressed down with one hand, while using your other hand to operate the gate.
  • Width up to 55”
    Height 32”
    Extendable No
    Color Gris
    Material Polyethylene/stainless steel
    Quick release from Wall Yes
    Automatic locking No
    Angle mount No
    Suitable for:
  • Top of the stairs
  • Bottom of stairs
  • Room divider
  • Outdoors/Indoors
  • Video Click here to watch
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    Retractable Indoor/Outdoor Security Gate - Grey

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