Keeping toys and hands out of the toilet is easy with the Toilet Lid-Lok. There'll be no more toys to scoop out when you can keep curious hands (and toys) from getting into the wrong place.  This lock is super easy to open for adults but difficult for children. There is no adhesive required which means you don't have to unscrew the lid to install.

The Toilet Li-Lok will help you keep will keep young children safe and your plumbing free of toys and other articles.


  • The Lid-Lok protects children from accidents, and keeps plumbing safe. 
  • Quick and easy to open. The one hand release operation is easy for an adult hand, but difficult for a child
  • Easily attaches to all types of bowls and lids
  • Simple to remove when not needed
  • No adhesive required and you don't have to un-bolt the seat to install

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Toilet Lid-Lok

  • $11.95

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