The Qdos Stove Guard which restricts children's access to the burners in the kitchen is a universal protective barrier that combines high functionality with an elegant design for modern kitchens. It is made of quality aluminum and plastic for high durability. This kitchen stove guard is easy to clean and to take apart. Injuries caused by burns may endanger the child's life and to have health and emotional consequences for the future. Therefore, restricting children's access to the burners and containers on them is extremely important for safety at home. The barrier is suitable for all standard kitchen countertops and modern design that suits any kitchen. Details
  • Extendable length of 57 - 90cm.
  • All parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Suitable for electric, induction and gas stoves, and for worktops of any thickness.
  • Plug-in system for simple assembly and dismantling
  • Easy installation without drilling or screwing: simple and
  • Secure anchoring thanks to the specially developed adhesive tape
  • Firm connection and residue-free removal
  • Easy dismantling for an optimal cleaning of stove and stove guard
  • Double-walled aluminum protects the child from hot pots and stove tops
  • Long side wings prevent that your child can reach for things on the hob from the side
  • High-quality materials: Anodized aluminum and heat-resistant plastic
  • Smooth surface for an easy cleaning
  • Color: Aluminum and Black

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    Qdos Stove Guard

    • Brand: Qdos
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